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1) Full service Catering:
$10/person: 1 meat and 2 sides
$16/person: 2 meats and 2 sides
$18.50/person: 2 meats and 3 sides
$24.50/person: 3 meats and 3 sides
Meat Choices include: BBQ, Pulled Chicken, Chicken Bog
***Add a premium meat in place of one of the 3 meats listed above:
~ add $2.50/person (smoked/grilled chicken breasts, served with a pineapple/mango salsa & glaze) Example: BBQ & Chicken Breasts,
plus choice of 3 sides = $21/person
~ add $5/person (includes ribs, brisket, or burnt ends) Example: BBQ,
Chicken Bog & Ribs, and any 3 sides = $29.50/person.
Side Choices include: BBQ Beans, Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Collards, Baby Limas & Roasted Corn
***Add another side: add $2.50/person (from list above)
From our experience, most people choose the 2 or 3 meat and 3 sides option.
For large events, we require a deposit of $500 to reserve the date (which is refundable up to 30 days prior to the event. Once we are within 30 days of the event, your deposit is non-refundable).  
Thirty days prior to the event, 1/2 of the balance is due (your deposit will be applied to this figure). The balance remaining is due one week before your event.
If you are in need of tables, chairs, linens, plates, utensils, glasses, etc, you will need to get those from a rental company.
As our type set-up is typically “buffet-style,” our job is mainly limited to manning the food table and making sure all the chafing dishes remain full. In the case of a wedding reception, it is common practice to begin breaking down the buffet line once the dessert/wedding cake is cut. We then pack up any remaining food for the host/bride/groom/family and then proceed to pack up the chafing dishes and leave.  
Alternatively, if you are needing additional server(s) for the entire event, to pour water and tea, walk around with trays of food, clear tables, rinse and pack up rented plates, utensils and glasses, we can include additional labor at $25/hour/person (ie. 4 hour reception would cost about $150 for each additional staff member to provide this service…giving an hour for set up, 4 hours of serving, and an hour for clean up). Lastly, the number of servers needed will be based on the number of guests expected. For 150 guests, we would suggest 4 servers.
2) We also wanted to list info on some appetizer style finger foods.  
Many people choose to have a cocktail hour prior to dinner. Below are some suggestions:
~Pimento Cheese Ring w/ Strawberry Preserves and Crackers (for 100 ppl): $125
~Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauces (for 100 ppl): $275
~Hot Creamy Collard Cheese Dip w/crackers (for 100 ppl): $150
~Chicken Salad, served in Phyllo Cups (for 100 ppl): $150
~Deviled Eggs, topped w/ a small fried pickle and fried Chicken Tender (for 100 ppl): $150
3) Lastly, if you just want to pick up food, we have a bulk menu that is the most cost effective, if you have volunteers to “man’ the food for you.
1/2 Pan of Pulled Pork (5 lbs):  $49.95
1/2 Pan of Pulled Chicken (5 lbs):  $35
1/2 Pan of Chicken Bog (5 lbs):  $35
(any of these options feeds approx 10-12 servings per pan.  
1/2 Pan of Spicy BBQ Beans:  $25
1/2 Pan of Warm Loaded Baked Potato Salad:  $25
1/2 Pan of Green Beans:  $25
1/2 Pan of Limas & Corn:  $25
1/2 Pan of Mac & Cheese:  $25
1/2 Pan of Slaw:  $25
1/2 Pan of Collards:  $25
(any of these options feeds approx 12-15 servings per pan).
1/2 Pan Peach Cobbler:  $35
1/2 Pan Banana Pudding:  $35
Sweet or unsweet tea:  $6.00/gallon
This is just general info to help you hone in on a plan. Once you come up with a selection, we will need to add tax, and, should you need full service, 20% gratuity, plus any other services needed.
Bar Service:
We can set up a bar ONLY if it is “open bar” and the host is paying the bill. We are unable to provide bar services off-premises for “cash bar”, as that requires a separate license. Please contact a vendor such as Micky Finns to provide “off-premises” services for a “cash bar.”
Bar set-up is $75 per bar and a bartender for the night is $150, per bar. For beer and/or wine, one bartender per bar is sufficient. For mixed drinks, an additional bartender/bar is required. Lastly, the number of bars needed will be based on the number of guests expected. For 150 guests, I would suggest 3 bar, each bar manned by one or two bartenders, depending on what you choose to serve.


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