Catering Trends in the covid era

Planning a major event like a wedding this year or next? Read below to learn some of the major tips and trends in these changing times to make your event PANDEMIC PERFECT.

  1. Weddings have generally gotten much smaller–all the way down to the micro level. Couples who don’t want to delay their weddings months and months down the line are inviting close family–if that–for what are now being called “micro weddings.” Family who don’t feel comfortable coming for the event itself can watch it via Zoom, Facebook live, or another live streaming service.
  2. Another trend in weddings is to have a “shift “reception, wherein the older guests come first to the reception, then younger guests who are more inclined to party into the later hours come at a later appointed time. That way, couples are allowed to have a larger guest list and avoid maximum density/social distancing concerns.
  3. In terms of catering, many couples are foregoing the buffet and opting for pre-packaged meals customized to each guest. Some with daytime receptions are even opting for picnic themed-options or other creative ideas to minimize contact with food.
  4. On the flip side, many couples who would have preferred a sit-down meal at their reception are opting for a limited buffet wherein items are served by a single attendant to minimize contact with food. Smaller but filling items such as sliders, shrimp and grits bowls, etc, work PERFECTLY in this arrangement.
  5. Just because the wedding and reception are smaller doesn’t mean the budget has to be! Many couples are using these times to offer special touches they wouldn’t have been able to with a huge wedding. For example, consider working with your caterer to craft a signature cocktail for your guests that can be served during the cocktail hour or throughout the event.

Wholly Smokin’ is ON TOP of all of the latest trends in catering–weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers, parties, corporate events–and is ready to help you make your day PANDEMIC PERFECT! Call us or email us and allow us the opportunity to work with you. (843) 624-2024 or We can also be found on wedding wire and The Knot.

BRISKET IS BACK, AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS….Burnt ends are too! Can we get a whoop whoop!

We know you’ve missed them as much as we have! We smoke them “low & slow” and those mouth-watering vittles are READY TO MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. Whether it’s the burnt-ends wrap, brisket platter, or the three meat platter, COME AND GET IT!

Wholly Smokin’ has the largest selection of craft beer in the Downtown area. We feature draft mostly from the Carolinas, including breweries such as Holy City, Coast, Foothills, Seminar, Palmetto, Catawba, among many others. Taps are always changing. We also have craft in cans, including Westbrook (Charleston, SC) and River Rat (Columbia, SC).

Try our “Berry Good Mojito” (Plantation Rum (made in Charleston), muddled seasonal berries, mint syrup, club soda, mint & lime) or our “Dargan Sunrise” (Tito’s Vodka, Lemon & thyme syrup, muddled raspberry & lemon, topped with club soda). Whatever mood you are in, we have a cocktail for you!

Office Meetings? Book Clubs? Conference? Wholly Smokin’ has created box lunches that satisfy your hunger! From Chicken Salad Sandwiches, to Buffalo Chicken Wraps, to Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, we add your choice of chips and choice of cookie and…voila! The perfect lunch, sealed by our kitchen so that you have the confidence that no other person has come into contact with your food before you eat.

BRUNCH IS BACK!!!! Even more exciting, we will be serving brunch both Saturdays AND Sundays, 11am – 3pm. We are dining both indoors and outdoors in the courtyard (weather permitting). Enjoy the savory flavors of Chicken & Waffles and BBQ Benedict, to name a few, all of which pair nicely with our mimosas and bloody marys.

And to kick it up a notch, we have LIVE music during brunch.

So sleep late, throw on comfy clothes, and let us help you to relax over the weekend. You deserve it.

wholly smokin’ and covid-19 compliance

Wholly Smokin’ has been on the cutting edge of COVID-19 compliance since reopening for curbside and takeout service on April 29. Our staff has their temperatures checked daily, wear masks and gloves, and our take-out containers are sealed so that our customers are confident their food is not touched once it leaves our kitchen.

Learn more about what we’ve been up to in the new reality of limited seating, social distancing, and more in the article below.

Pee Dee Foodie Reviews Wholly Smokin’

Hello, friends!  We wanted to take a minute to show you something pretty cool.  Recently, Pee Dee Foodie wrote a review about our restaurant!  We were honored to receive a good review from him, and we’d love it if you’d take a minute to read it and share it with your friends.  Help spread the word about us!  We have the best customers in the world.  Thanks for making this job so much fun for us.

Click Here to read the review.

Wholly Smokin’ BBQ & Ribs on Urbanspoon

Hello, friends!

Our restaurant was recently added on and we’d really appreciate it if you’d go on there and write about how much you like Wholly Smokin’ BBQ & Ribs.  We love hearing all the positive feedback you guys have given us on Twitter and Facebook, and this is one other way of showing your support for our restaurant.  Thanks, everyone!

On Friday and Saturday (March 23 and 24), Wholly Smokin’ BBQ and Ribs cooked in the Big Brothers Big Sisters BBQ Festival in Florence.  The event took place in the fields behind the Palmetto Peddler.

Each team in the festival is given their meat on Friday, and they are to cook through the night to prepare their best pulled pork to be judged on Saturday afternoon.  For this festival, Bill’s brother Mac Travis joined him as part of his cook team.  To say they had a lot of fun is an understatement.

Mac Travis
Mac Travis

The best of the pulled pork was sent to the judges and the winners were announced at 2:00pm.

…And Wholly Smokin’ was one of those winners!  We placed 3rd in pulled pork, which is extremely exciting because now we have awards for BOTH ribs and pulled pork.  Let’s check out that trophy.

Bill Travis with Trophy
Bill Travis with Trophy

“Well, I knew we would win before I even came down there, so I brought some celebratory wine just for the occasion,” said Bill’s brother, Mac.  Gotta love that confidence!

We had a wonderful time at the festival and are really excited about this award.  Just a few more weeks, Florence, and our restaurant will be open for business so you can try some of our award-winning food for yourself!

And don’t forget, we still do catering as well.  If you’d like to ask us about catering an event for you, please contact us with the “E-Mail Us” tab.

Trophy Up Close
Trophy Up Close

Wholly Smokin’ Mentioned in Local Paper and Blogs

We at Wholly Smokin’ BBQ and Ribs are extremely excited about our upcoming restaurant in Florence.  We’re even MORE excited that the buzz is starting to spread in the Florence community about what we’re doing!

Check out these posts from the Morning News, Pee Dee Foodie, and Flossip Florence.

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We are excited about what is to come, and we are glad that you all are excited, too.

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