Bill Travis with Trophy

On Friday and Saturday (March 23 and 24), Wholly Smokin’ BBQ and Ribs cooked in the Big Brothers Big Sisters BBQ Festival in Florence.  The event took place in the fields behind the Palmetto Peddler.

Each team in the festival is given their meat on Friday, and they are to cook through the night to prepare their best pulled pork to be judged on Saturday afternoon.  For this festival, Bill’s brother Mac Travis joined him as part of his cook team.  To say they had a lot of fun is an understatement.

Mac Travis
Mac Travis

The best of the pulled pork was sent to the judges and the winners were announced at 2:00pm.

…And Wholly Smokin’ was one of those winners!  We placed 3rd in pulled pork, which is extremely exciting because now we have awards for BOTH ribs and pulled pork.  Let’s check out that trophy.

Bill Travis with Trophy
Bill Travis with Trophy

“Well, I knew we would win before I even came down there, so I brought some celebratory wine just for the occasion,” said Bill’s brother, Mac.  Gotta love that confidence!

We had a wonderful time at the festival and are really excited about this award.  Just a few more weeks, Florence, and our restaurant will be open for business so you can try some of our award-winning food for yourself!

And don’t forget, we still do catering as well.  If you’d like to ask us about catering an event for you, please contact us with the “E-Mail Us” tab.

Trophy Up Close
Trophy Up Close

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