Coming Soon!

BIG NEWS for all you Wholly Smokin’ BBQ and Ribs fans out there!

We are going to be opening a restaurant!  No longer will we be catering-only.

We will have a sit-down restaurant on Celebration Boulevard in the old Roberto’s space, and a pick-up location in the old Travis Jewelers space!

No exact date is scheduled for when we will open, but you can be sure we’ll keep you updated right here!  Check back often for more info.

Can’t wait to serve the people of Florence the BEST BBQ AND RIBS EVER!!!!

Wholly Smokin' BBQ and Ribs
Wholly Smokin' BBQ and Ribs

2 Comments on “Coming Soon!

  1. Congratulations!
    I’m so glad you will have a “sit-down” restaurant in addition to a take-out location. Looking forward to your “opening”. Love that your restaurant will be right there near Jackie’s “Let Them Eat Cake”! (Y’all are so good together!)

  2. Y’all hurry up and get open!!! I can’t wait!

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